Tripolar Media

Blabber Mouth

Tripolar Media is a Miami, Sarasota, Tampa, New York city based full service advertising and public relation's agency. Our ears are always to the public. What they seek is the seed of any compaign.

Your message is moving across america at the speed of sound!

What is Blabber Mouth?

There are hundreds of radio talk shows in America.

Those talk shows have thousands of passionate listeners.
The businesses that purchase advertising pay 'big bucks' for just a minute here and there.

Yet a caller to a show may ramble on about a chosen subject for 5 or 10 minutes.

The caller can pump up a person or product or likewise discredit the same. What if you had friends from Austin to Boston LA to PA and they loved to call into talk radio shows.

Hi this is Betty in Dallas 'I just love 'John Doe' for congress he is the man for the job! Or hi this is Joe in Atlanta before I get to the subject I just wanted to mention I bought one of those stupid ' Snuggies ' I saw on TV it's awesome.

What we do?

  • Radio Testiomonials
  • Public Relations
  • Products Recognition

Ok you get the point.

Testimonials are the best and that's what Blabber Mouth can do for you. Planting seeds in ears of people all over the country.

We get the word out everywhere!

Below radar and directly to the target!

Blabber Mouth can be used for public relations or product recognition and is a proprietary service of Tripolar Media.